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A bit about us

Hamilton Aero was founded by two airline trained engineers. This means we have a strong airline culture in our approach to service, with high standards in safety, reliability and on-time performance. This commitment to safety and quality has never wavered in 30 years
Directors & Governance

David Stewart L.A.M.E - Director/Engineering Manager

Dave is a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer, with experience working for Boeing, Airbus and Citation through to single piston engine aircraft. In his dual roles he is responsible for maintaining a high standard for our clients.

Chris Evans - CEO

Chris has been involved in technical businesses for 35 years, ranging from mechanical engineering and automotive machining to aircraft manufacture and maintenance.

Tim O'Neill - Quality Assurance Manager

Scott James L.A.M.E - Maintenance Manager (GA)

Gary McNeill - Stores Manager

Glenn MacKenzie - Director

Glenn has considerable experience in the aviation industry. Trained by Air New Zealand, he is a qualified aircraft engineer and looks after the airline maintenance division.

Clive Law-Brown - L.A.M.E - HAM Aero Avionics - Managing Director

Clive is trained in radio, electronics maintenance and overhaul. He has 37 years’ experience in engineering and avionics instruction. Clives has vast experience with Aircraft Electrical and Avionics systems, this knowledge and experience make him one of the countries leading Avionics Engineers.
Hamilton Aero Maintenance Ltd was established in 1984 by Pat MacKenzie, Dave Stewart and Glenn MacKenzie with a vision to set new standards in the aviation service industry. Since then the team of skilled, dedicated staff at HAM Aero have worked hard to achieve that goal. In the early days GA Maintenance and doing all sorts of chores around the Airport, from Fire Fighting to lawn mowing, was the company’s main income. Airline maintenance soon followed. Air NZ, KIWI Air, Freedom, Pacific Blue (now Virgin Australia) and many regional carriers have all used HAM Aero’s skills and “can do” attitude during their operations in Hamilton and at other airports where we supplied services.

In 1991 we took on the ground handling contract for Air New Zealand at Hamilton and subsequently gained Eagle Airways, Air Nelson and Mt Cook’s ground handling. We set up ground handling for Kiwi International Airlines at both Hamilton and Christchurch.

In 1992 HAM Aero joined forces with Clive Law-Brown to create HAM Aero Avionics Ltd to provide a quality Avionics solution at Hamilton Airport and beyond .

HAM Aero was contracted to carry out ‘A’ and ‘B’ checks for Freedom Air’s B737-300’s at Hamilton.
In 1996 HAM Aero set up on Brisbane Airport, Australia to assist Freedom Air and while there gained other ground handling contracts.

HAM Aero provided Origin Pacific Airway’s customer and ramp handling in Hamilton until it ceased operations in 2006.
HAM Aero supplied engineering turnaround support for Air NZ at Mangere for the domestic A320 operation during 2007-2008

HAM Aero  supplied all airport services for Virgin Australia operations into Hamilton including: Ground handling, Baggage, Guest Services/ Check in (these flights were withdrawn in Oct 2012).

HAM Aero also provided Engineering support to the Virgin B737-800s over-night in Hamilton
and carried out ETOPS turnaround for Air NZ A320 ops in Rotorua for their Sydney service
HAM Aero hold Part 145 certification issued by the New Zealand CAA and have a quality program that covers all aspects of our operation.

HAM Aero have a number of Air Transport operators whose aircraft we look after including several Air Ambulance operators.

HAM Aero provide BP fuelling services at Hamilton and Rotorua Airport

Today, 30 years later the company still provides a comprehensive range of quality aviation services from its Rukuhia, Hamilton, New Zealand base and  Rotorua  Airport. Airline work is  an expanding part of the business and  in 2016 HAM Aero gained DCAM (Malaysia) and CAAP (Philippines) Part 145 accreditation to carry out Line Maintenance at Auckland International Airport where we look after a number of foreign airlines
The GA Division has grown significantly. Commercial GA operators are a key part of this area as well as private owners who are looking for those high standards we work to at HAM Aero.
 Its client list includes private, commercial and airline customers throughout New Zealand and overseas, from individuals to major airlines and Governments. We are always looking for opportunities to expand our operations, knowledge and capability and work with individuals and organisations who seek Safe, Quality and Cost Effective solutions to their aviation requirements.
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